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  • Blue Marlin, Komodo

    If you have read our September favourites, you will know that we fell head over heels with Flores! We ended up staying in Labuan Bajo, Flores for 3 days and we wish we had spent more time exploring Flores than Bali. Why Blue Marlin Komodo, you ask? Diving, diving and more diving! Blue Marlin Komodo […]

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  • 6 of the Best Walks in India

    With its enormous forests, sweeping valleys, and snowy mountains, India offers a huge amount of variety when it comes to landscapes and nature, so we put together a list of the best walks in India to inspire your next trip. After all, there’s nothing like seeing it for yourself. (source) Kheerganga and Buni Buni Pass, […]

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  • Bloo Lagoon Eco Village, Padang Bai

    Bloo Lagoon Eco Village was our stop after Villa Asmara in Lovina. It was a fair bit of journey, but worth every minute. We took the coastal route from Lovina all the way to Padang Bai. It passes through marigold fields, rice paddies and of course gives beautiful views of the coastline. You must have […]

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  • Villa Asmara : A romantic paradise in North Bali

    The word ‘Asmara’ in Bahasa (the official language of Indonesia) means love and romance. We think Villa Asmara is rightfully named so, it is the most romantic place we have stayed in! We really felt like we were on a second honeymoon. Located in Dencarik (pronounced Dencharik) near Lovina in North Bali, Villa Asmara is […]

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  • 5 Things to do in North Goa

    Beaches in North Goa

    The first decision travelers to Goa must make is whether to visit the northern or southern part of the popular beach state. Due to the large distances, poor public transport and generally narrow roads, it’s not usually efficient to do both in one trip. Moreover, the two sides of the state cater to widely different […]

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  • Hillside Eden – a Balinese mountain getaway

    Our first experience of Balinese hospitality was the exclusive Hillside Eden in north-central Bali. Tucked away among dense tropical forests of this little visited part of the country, the sprawling 4-bedroom villa offers spectacular views of jungles, rice terraces and mountains. Located 2 hours from Ngurah Rai International Airport, the final few hundred meters of […]

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  • Best Cameras For Night Shots

    Nicola Lederer - Canon5dM3 -Best Night Shot

    Night shots are always tricky. How do you capture that spectacular night sky without the shot being grainy or blurred? We asked our favourite bloggers to tell us about their favourite camera and some tips for that perfect shot. Keep reading for their secret sauce to some beautiful night shots. Margherita Ragg from The Crowded […]

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  • Ceilão Villas, Colombo

    When we entered Colombo, the first thing our driver told us to expect was traffic. Coming from Mumbai, one of the busiest cities in the world, we were not strangers to traffic. If you come from a smaller city or town, you might feel differently. We had two options – we could either stay on […]