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  • Our journey with Influencer.in

    As we have grown as a travel blog, we have had the opportunity to partner with different brands. We have worked with brands in different ways; through PR agencies, approaching them directly, influencer platforms, etc. But one surely worth mentioning is Influencer.in Influencer.in is one of India’s leading influencer marketing platform from Social Beat, a […]

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  • Dominion strategies: Part 1

    Dominion is a popular deck-building card game designed by Donald X. Vaccarino. The goal for each player is to have the highest number of Victory Points when the game ends. If you’re unfamiliar with the gameplay, you can read about it on the DominionStrategy Wiki. Cards in the Dominion Base Game fall into two main categories; Basic Supply Cards (comprised of […]

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  • Castles of GoT: Greywater Watch

    “Our home, Greywater Watch, is no castle like you’ll ever see. And seeing it once does not mean you’ll ever find it again. For Greywater Watch… moves.”―Meera Reed In case you have never heard of it, Greywater Watch is the seat of House Reed. This is one of the most fascinating castles in Westeros. It […]