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  • 4 things to buy in Bangkok that are not knock-offs

    things to buy in Bangkok

    Thank you Carolyn Ballard from DesToDis for this wonderful guest post. From the gleaming multi-storey malls to the hustle and bustle of the busy markets, from the latest edition of Jimmy Choo bags to the stylish Gucci shoes, Bangkok has it all. There are so many things you can shop from this Thai capital. For […]

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  • Travelling to the US with a VISA? Behold the ESTA!

    ESTA Programme

    Thank you Josh and Sophie for writing this guest post. More about them at the bottom of the post. Travelling to the United States of America can be challenging. The whole process can be very time consuming, from organising flights, locations, accommodations, VISA’s etc. At least now, for many the VISA can be taken away […]

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  • Eat like a local

    Are you not one of those people who makes a beeline for the nearest McDonalds or a Burger King? Do you like experiencing culture and mingling with locals? If you do, this post is definitely for you! (and you score a brownie point in our book, btw) Here’s how you can eat like a local […]

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  • 15 things to consider when booking your accomodation

    Have you found your perfect accommodation? Now the next step is to ask questions; the right questions. The more questions you ask, the less surprises you will have, and the smoother your trip will be. No matter what type of accommodation you are going for, make sure you keep the following in mind. Don’t be shy to […]

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  • Finding the right type of accommodation

    Booking accommodation and researching can be very stressful. Sometimes we don’t quite know that there are other options available. Sometimes we are just lazy. We just go with the same old boring accommodation every single time. Did you know that instead of a ho-hum hotel you can stay on a farm and play with the horses? You […]