How to prepare for your summer holiday

With summer now well and truly under way, you must already be looking forward to that well-deserved break from the grind. We all have our packing lists to help us carry along everything required to make for a memorable vacation. But with all the excitement of the upcoming getaway, it’s easy to forget to tie up loose ends that might detract from your carefree holiday. Here are our pro tips to prepare for your summer holiday.

Luxe for less


Summer months are the busiest time in most countries which translate to the most expensive. But it need not be. If you plan a few months in advance before most hotels raise their rates, you can save a good deal of money. Another tip to get luxe for less, is to opt for a cheaper country like Indonesia or Thailand. Bali has so many options for luxury pool villas, that you will be spoilt for choice and it definitely won’t break the bank.

Protect yourself with travel and health insurance


You really don’t want to spend you beautiful summer vacay worrying. Whether you are a solo traveller or a couple or a family, a good travel and health insurance is simply a must. The coverage varies from country to country and individual requirements. We always choose aspects like loss of luggage, natural disasters, unforeseen cancellations and medical expenses. Insurance is something you should never cut corners to save money. Invest in a reliable insurance like Bupa Global and enjoy the rest of your summer holiday without any stress.

Buy sun essentials


This might sound obvious but we had a bit of a situation on our Sri Lanka trip last year. We ended up shelling out a lot of money for a standard sunscreen which would have been much cheaper back home. You would think that in a tropical country like Sri Lanka, sunscreen would not be a premium item. Because of growing tourism and the locals not using sunscreen (yes, that’s what our guide told us!) it falls under luxury goods, even a drug store brand. Whether you are buying SP15 or SP50, be sure to stock up or research on the price depending on the country you are visiting. A good post suncream is also something worth investing if you are prone to sun burn. You can keep other essentials like sunglasses and swimwear on your list or purchase them on vacation. We always buy hats on every vacation we take as a souvenir from that country.

Photocopy important documents


Always carry a photocopy of documents like your passport and visa and keep the copy away from the original document folder just in case of any mishap. We also keep scanned copies with our parents who can email them in an emergency.

Learn survival phrases in the local language

via GIPHY Nope, Pretending to know a language does not count.

If you are travelling to a country which does not speak your language, you definitely should at least learn basic phrases like “Hello”, “Where do I find the toilet?”, “How much does it cost?”, “Where is X?”. You don’t need to be fluent in all foreign languages. But taking that extra effort will win hearts and enrich your travel experience.

Prep your home for your absence


Yes, you are really excited for your trip, but don’t forget to prep your home. Unplug appliances like lamps, TVs and toasters. Shut down your computers and laptops. Do not leave them on standby if you are going for a long holiday. Close your curtains and lock closets for safety. If you have an alarm system, check that it is properly configured. Remember to set them up before you leave. Do not leave your house in a mess. Take out your trash. You will regret coming home after a lovely vacation and start tidying up along with the vacation laundry and other chores.

How do you plan for your summer holiday? Did we miss out on anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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