May Favourites

As expected, we haven’t been keeping up with our monthly favourites posts. Oh well, we try to do them when we can. Here’s a roundup of what our May looked like. It wasn’t as exciting as we would have liked it to be but we still had fun.

  1. Hibernated through the Indian summer

    If you know us, you will know that we don’t like hot temperatures. Sweating profusely and getting burned in 38°C is not our thing. While our initial plan was to try and get out of the hot weather for the summer, we ended up doing the opposite. We stayed put as much as we could and hydrated. Both of us suck at drinking a lot of water, so we had to take extra effort in trying to stay cool in the heat. Honestly, the only thing we love about the Indian summer is mangoes! If you are visiting India in summer, make sure you have your fill of this exotic seasonal fruit. Now that May is almost over and the rainy season will begin, we are excited to plan some monsoon trips. Yay!

  2. Played Carcassonne

    May Favourites Carcassonne

    Photo Credit: Wikipedia

    Staying indoors for us means indulging in gaming! We love all games – PC, PS4 or board games. Thanks to Thomas Spencer, we tried the popular tile based German board game called Carcassonne. The game is based on the real life medieval fortified town of Carcassonne in southern France. After playing this fun game, we would love to visit this town to see it come to life from the gameplay.

    It really does look like the city on the tile! Photo Credit: Wikipedia

    The first time we played, we took a fair bit of time to understand the gameplay. That made us wonder how the average game time on the box is 35 minutes! But once we got a hang of it, we did finish the next one in half an hour or so.

    Tip: If you do want to travel with this game, you can put the pieces into a ziplock bag, since the box that it comes in is quite big. We are a big fan of traveling with board games which keep us entertained in any bad weather.

  3. Oxford

    The month of May finally saw us completing and publishing our Oxford posts. We have written two posts, one is a photo diary and the other one is a Harry Potter themed one.We love geeking out about filming locations of our favourite films and tv shows and absolutely recommend Oxford for Harry Potter fans. The medieval town of Oxford could not have been more perfect for Hogwarts. We almost forgot that we did not get our Hogwarts letter at eleven like Harry and Hermione.

  4. Blog Maintenance

    Photo Credit: Pixabay

    We bet no one ever puts tasks like blog maintenance in their favourites list. But updating apps and cleaning out our desktops make us happy. And so does blog maintenance. Making sure everything is running smoothly is what we nerds enjoy even if regular people do not. (High five, if you identify with this crazy behaviour!) Along with SEO work and updation we also successfully migrated to HTTPS. In case you did not know about it, the might Google has set July 2018 as a deadline for the HTTPS migration. And one dare not get Google upset. Securing your website is crucial, and Google is not wrong for insisting that we do. In 2016, we suffered through an attack and spent the next six months cleaning the code. It might not be the simplest task, but do take out the time and get it done asap.

  5. Mumbai street food

    When you live in the same city for a long time, you take it for granted. That’s what has happened with us. This lovely food tour in May gave us a push to explore our own city’s food culture. We tried the staples and the roadside favourites. If you are visiting Mumbai, and are strapped for time, we do recommend the Mumbai Street Food tour by A chef’s tour since it covers the basics and takes you through Mumbai’s local transport to the popular areas within half a day. And this tour ends with some yummy hand churned ice cream. What’s not to love! We are coming up with more posts about this city we call home. Stay tuned for more Mumbai related posts.

How was your May? Did you travel a lot? Did you have a quiet month? Let’s get chatty in the comments below.

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