September Favourites

We thought we would do something new on the blog this month which is penning down what we have been loving this month! These are our September Favourites. Hopefully we will continue this every month. It might be fun to look back and see what each month was like.

  1. Indonesia

    This had to be No.1 on our September Favourite list! We went to Indonesia for two weeks covering Bali, the Gilis and a small part of Flores. Which is our favourite? The answer actually surprised us as well. It’s Flores! As adventure travellers and nature lovers, Flores was perfect! The sea at Taka Makassar stole our breath away. We did not expect a perfect turquoise like this beauty! It was a sheer delight swimming in this beauty and reaching the sand bar with pink sand. Kanawa Island with it’s beautiful fishes was also a great place to snorkel. We will do a post about what we thought of Bali and Gilis as well with more details. Our next trip to Indonesia will have more of Flores definitely.

  2. Caesar III

    Yes, we know it is a very old game. But we don’t discriminate. We love strategy games. In case you have never heard of Caesar III, it is an amazing city building game set in Rome. It is super fun to play – deal with unemployment, angry gods hostile enemies, and earn favours from Caesar. Each level has a peaceful mission and a dangerous mission. You can be obsessive like us and play both, or just one to clear the level and head to the next one.

    Speaking of strategy games, are you as excited for the new Age of Empires as we are?

  3. The Any do App

    We nerds love organising our life. Whether it’s in an excel sheet or on a piece of paper, we love making lists and ticking them off. And this app just made it to our permanent app collection. We have been using it for a while now, but it is in our September favourites because it is perfect when you are on a trip and want to set reminders for tasks when you return. And for packing and for flexible itineraries. Just list all the available places to see and tick off the ones you actually end up doing. And then probably contemplate whether you missed out on anything important with a beer in hand. The free version of this app is pretty good and covers our requirements which is a thumbs up in our book!

  4. Bintang Radler Lemon

    This is our new favourite beer guys! Imagine a hot sweaty day walking and trekking and snorkelling (add any other adventure activity here) and you come back to the lemony refreshing goodness of a Bintang Radler! It also comes in a grapefruit variety but we are biased when it comes to anything lemon. We tried it at La Cucina in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia just out of curiosity and it became our favourite pretty much instantly! It’s a shame that we discovered it at the end of our trip. If any of you from Mumbai know where you can get one here, do let us know!

  5. All things Quechua

    September Favourites - Quechua Shoes

    We love our Quechua shoes. When we bought them when we decided to plan our winter Iceland trip and pretty much since then have used it for every hike, trek, trail we have been on. A little snippet about us here; we are not the type of people who plan every detail of our trip. Which means that we just wing it most of the time. So we just packed our stuff in some ratty old backpacks for the Indonesia trip and it was an utter fail. We had a look around and suddenly we saw most hikers were carrying around Quechua backpacks, hiking sandals, some were even carrying the sipper bottle.

    Needless to say, we jumped online (on the Malaysia airport when we finally had some time and decent internet) and bought a bunch of Quechua stuff from Decathlon. Can’t wait to try out our new backpacks on a trek somewhere soon!

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What have you guys been up to in September? Did you go on a holiday anywhere? Are you playing any games that you would want to recommend? Chat with us in the comments below!

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    May 5, 2018 / 5:16 PM

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